The Reglazing Process

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Before we begin, what you need to do...

1) Repair any leaking faucets

2) Remove personal items

3) Make sure the room is clean and dust-free

4) Tile or plumbing work should be completed

5) Water and electric service should be available

6) Home temperature needs to be above 65 degrees

Reglazing your tub

1) When the technician arrives, they will review your tub to make sure there was nothing overlooked in the initial estimate.

2) Drop cloths are placed as the work area is prepared. Ventilators are used to control odor. Caulking and other adhesives are removed.

3) If the tub has previously been reglazed, it will be stripped to the original surface. If fiberglass, old glazing is sanded off.

4) Solvents are applied to remove any contaminants. Surface is then etched with a mild acid solution. (Fiberglass does not require this).

5) All is rinsed, then dried. Defects are then filled with a high grade polyester filler and sanded smooth.

6) The area is masked off and the room protected from overspray. The tub gets 'tacked' for a better finish.

7) Optional non-skid surface is then applied. A bonding primer is applied followed by a topcoat.

8) A high quality, mildew proof caulking is applied around necessary perimeters.

9) The next day, your warranty begins, so start the bubble machine !!

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